The Talmudic Encyclopedia


The Talmudic Encyclopedia is an unparalleled work of Halachic literature which compiles, summarizes and explains the vast range of Torah knowledge on every topic in Jewish law, from Biblical times to the present. 
 The Talmudic Encyclopedia is unique in its widespread acceptance by Gedolei Hador and Talmidei Chachamim representing the entire spectrum of Torah learning around the world.



Starting in 2006 the Talmudic encyclopedia has been directed by Rabbi Professor Avraham Steinberg. Professor Steinberg leas and directs the Talmudic Encyclopedia with new energy by taking advantage of computer capability and modern technology in order to channel the communication between Torah scholars and the editors, and to shorten the technical process of writing.


The Talmudic Encyclopedia is now entering a new and exciting era due to the partnership – philosophically, professionally and financially - with Mr. Dov Friedberg of Canada, and thanks to the support and guidance by the Friedberg Charitable Foundation chaired by HaRav Moshe Schapiro. The clear intention is to complete the entire project by the year 2024. writing.the world.

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