Blessings from Our Friends Yedidut Toronto

HaRav Meshe Schapiro, Director Yedidut Toronto

Mr. Dov Friedberg, President
 Yedidut Torornto

The Talmudic Encyclopedia is a monumental institution of the Jewish people. It represents a link in the age-old transmission of the Talmud from teacher to student, as the Mishna says, “Moshe received the Torah from Sinai and gave it over to Yehoshua; Yehoshua gave it over to the elders, the elders to the prophets…” (Avot 1:1).

During its proud 70-year history, the Talmudic Encyclopedia’s distinguished researchers, writers and editors have completed over 1,000 entries published in thirty six volumes. We at Yedidut Toronto entered into a long-term relationship with the Talmudic Encyclopedia in 2013, with the aim of helping the institution complete the entire Talmud by 2024. 

In addition to providing the financial support necessary to complete the project on time, we have worked closely with the Talmudic Encyclopedia’s management to develop an updated and comprehensive work plan, and established The Dov and Nancy Friedberg Beit Midrash to recruit and train new writers and researchers.

Our involvement in this venture is aligned with our mandate of furthering education and empowering individuals and organizations with professional knowledge, enabling them to become independent. By supporting the Talmudic Encyclopedia, we at Yedidut Toronto are empowering the public to access the wisdom of the Talmud on their own.

May the directors and administrators of the Talmudic Encyclopedia, HaRav Professor Avraham Steinberg, the members of the institute, and the dozens of distinguished researchers and writers be blessed with great success in this historic endeavor. 

Moshe Schapiro, CEO

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