"If there is no flour, there is no Torah"(Pirkei Avot)

Join the Talmudic Encyclopedia

as 'Partner-Donor'

We are pleased to suggest to you this special, personal offer to join with us as 'Partner-Donor' of our monumental enterprise – the Talmudic Encyclopedia. 


Since its establishment 70 years ago, the editorial staff of the Encyclopedia has published 36 volumes,packed with entries summarizing the Talmud, the Gaonim, the Rishonim, the Achronim and the Responsa – over 1,400 entries. Launched by the Torah giants, Rav Herzog zt"l, Rav Bar-ilan zt"l and Rav Zevin zt"l, today scores of our leading Torah scholars continue to work untiringly to complete this major endeavor.
In recognition of the Talmudic Encyclopedia's national importance to the State of Israel and the Jewish people, Israel's Ministry of Culture provides significant annual funding to the project.
Mr. Dov Friedberg of Canada and the Rohr family from the US have made major gifts to the Talmudic Encyclopedia. Donors and friends from Israel and throughout the Jewish world have joined forces to support the Talmudic Encyclopedia. 
You can join this worldwide effort and become a 'Partner-Donor' - a Chavruta - of the Talmudic Encyclopedia, by sponsoring one entire volume. You will thus become a partner, a Chavruta, to the tens of thousands of hours of Torah study invested in the production of each volume.
In your most worthy role as 'Partner-Donor', we invite you to dedicate a volume in memory or in honor of a loved one or a dear friend.
Thank you for joining the Talmudic Encyclopedia's growing family of partners and friends.

Yours sincerely,

HaRav Prof. Avraham Steinberg. MD

CEO, The Talmudic Encyclopedia

It's easy to donate and receive a tax credit in the U.S., the U.K, Canada or Israel. Please choose how you would like to donate or give us a call to donate by phone.



1. New volume - $100,000
2. Reprint volume - $10,000
3. Subject book - $25,000
4. Entry - $5,000
5. Training new researcher - $3,600 per month (10 researchers)
6. Friend of the Encyclopedia - $2,500
7. Researcher Scholarship - $2,000 per month (35 researchers)
8. Operation of Website & Multimedia - $1,000 per month
9. Other amount _________



British Friends of

the Talmudic Encyclopedia

c/o David Goldberg, 
New Burlington House,
1075 Finchley Road, London NW11 

Please make your check payable to

"British Friends of the Talmudic Encyclopedia"

and write "Talmudic Encyclopedia" 
on the memo line.

Bank Transfer:

Sort code: 400311
Account #: 21686445
Business Internet Banking ID: GBHBEU1091480834PU

Bank Address:
897 Finchley Road, 
Golders Green, 
London NW11 7NX


Central Fund of Israel 

c/o Jmark Interiors Inc.
461 Central Avenue
Cedarhurst, NY 11516
Attn: Arthur Marcus

Please make your check payable to

"Central Fund of Israel" and write

"Talmudic Encyclopedia" 
on the memo line.

Bank Transfer:

Signature Bank
For the account of:
The Central Fund of Israel
ABA Bank Routing #:  026013576
Account #: 1503426427



The Ne'eman Foundation

75 Lisa Crescent
Thornhill, ON L4J 2N2

Please make your check payable to

"Ne'eman Foundation Canada"

and write "Talmudic Encyclopedia" 
on the memo line.

Bank Transfer:

TD Canada Trust
1677 Avenue Road
Toronto, ON M5M 3Y3
Institution: 004
Branch: 0252  Bank #: 2
Account Name: Ne'eman Foundation Canada
Account #: 02525226859 CAN dollars within Canada
Account #: 02527301863  US dollar within CanadaUS dollar within Canada



Talmudic Encyclopedia

30 Sh'muel Hanagid St.  

P.O.B. 71111 
Jerusalem 9171002

Bank Transfer:

Talmudic Encyclopedia
Mizrahi Tefahot Bank

Ltd Branch #: 539 
Canfei Nesharim 7, Jerusalem
Account #: 547770
IBAN:  98 0205 3900 0000 0547 770

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